Еще три вакансии в Институте когнитивных нейронаук ВШЭ

3 января 2020

Высшая Школа Экономики объявила еще три вакансии в области нейронаук: коллеги ищут двух аспирантов и одного постдока. По правилам Высшей Школы Экономики, вакансии публикуются на английском языке. We are inviting applications to three positions, two PhD students and a postdoctoral fellow, to our newly established international Laboratory of Social Neuroscience (LSN) at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Prof. Iiro P. Jääskeläinen is the Academic Supervisor, and Prof. Vasily Klucharev is the Director, of LSN.

This new multidisciplinary laboratory studies social cognition and decision-making using dynamic naturalistic stimuli during ultra-fast fMRI, multichannel EEG and MEG, TMS, and other neuroimaging technologies. Data analyses will be carried out with cutting edge computational methods, including inter-subject synchrony measures and machine-learning approaches. The stipends and the salaries of the PhD students and postdoctoral researcher are internationally competitive. PhD students are encouraged to get enrolled to the HSE doctoral school (Moscow). Both positions include international mobility and a possibility to internship at Aalto University, Finland. ICN staff will assist the PhD students and post-doctoral researcher in both science and administration. We anticipate high-quality empirical research and publication activities from our employees.

It is worth mentioning that the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience is a vibrant multicultural unit of HSE with an international environment and dynamic working conditions. The unit is located in the historical city center of Moscow. The working language is English.

1) General requirements for PhD student posts are the following:

• Background in Neuroscience or Psychology or other related fields.
• Strong computational skills.
• Motivation to specialise in social neurobiology, neuroscience of communication, and/or neuroeconomics.
• Fluent English including writing skills.

For applicants, CV, Letter of Motivation, and Recommendation Letters (2) must be sent here [iiro.jaaskelainen@aalto.fi, vklucharev@hse.ru, and a.shestakova@hse.ru]. Priority will be given to biologists, mathematicians or psychologists.
The deadline is Febuary 1, 2020.

2) General requirement for Postdoctoral fellows are the following:

• Candidates must hold a recent PhD in the field of neuroscience, psychology, economics or applied mathematics or related areas which was awarded during the last 5 years or received before starting work at HSE in a relevant field by an internationally recognized university and has been assessed by external reviewers as having the potential to pursue research that is publishable in leading international peer-reviewed journals;
• Candidates should have a strong background in fMRI and/or MEG/and/or multi-channel EEG/MEG/ recordings and data analysis, ability to work in teams and conduct research in collaboration with other colleagues of Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
• Fluent English is an obligatory condition as research and other activities are conducted in English. Knowledge of Russian is not required;

The deadline for applications is until February 9, 2020. Please provide a CV, a statement of research interest, a recent research paper submitted via an online application form, and at least two letters of recommendation before the application deadline. Applications to the post-doctoral position must be submitted online here.

Read more about the application process here.